Are you ready to take your talents, scientific skills, and career satisfaction to the next level? Join the innovative and dynamic team at Metrum Research Group! We are hiring all levels of Translational and Systems Pharmacology Scientists; the level of position will be determined, in part, by the number of years of demonstrated experience in the field.

Join our culture of Belonging, Learning, Teaching, and Wellness. We know the key to our company’s success is the happiness and well-being of our team.


Our Translational and Systems Pharmacology (TSP) team strives to revolutionize drug development and defeat diseases by collaborating with a diverse and inclusive community of scientists. We're a group of multidisciplinary researchers who share a common interest in leveraging the potential of biological computation and open science to collaborate with our clients and explore uncharted territories in knowledge integration and decision-making support for drug development questions.

We invite you to apply and start a conversation about your goals, challenges, passions, and experiences. We want to hear how you believe your unique talents can contribute to our collective vision and make a difference in patients’ lives!


  • Ability to interact with or lead interactions with biomedical industry collaborators of various backgrounds (depending on level)
  • Effective communication skills to contextualize and disseminate how modeling and simulation activities address key drug development questions
  • Develop or contribute to strategies and conduct modeling and simulation to support biomedical decision making (depends on level)
  • Develop systems pharmacology and translational pharmacokinetic (PK), physiologically-based (PB) PK, pharmacodynamic (PD), exposure-response, and disease progression models
  • Apply models to support decision making through Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Experienced professional will as a scientific advisor for early career staff members
  • Perform quality control of modeling and simulation analyses
  • Prepare technical reports, manuscripts, and presentations

Requirements and Skills

  • Required: Understanding how mathematical analyses using biologic and pharmacologic data can inform drug development decisions
  • Required: Demonstrated ability to distill knowledge about biological systems, disease characteristics, and therapeutic interventions into mechanistic mathematical frameworks
  • Required: Strong proficiency with a scriptable modeling and simulation language (e.g. R, MatLab, Python, Julia)
  • Desirable: Familiarity with biomedical modeling techniques (e.g. ODEs/PDEs, network analyses, agent-based modeling, signaling transduction modeling, spatial-temporal modeling, and/or machine learning)
  • Desirable: Advanced expertise with domain-specific modeling software (e.g. NONMEM, mrgsolve) and Bayesian modeling software (e.g. Stan)
  • Desirable: Experience with Shiny, Markdown, LaTeX, unix/Linux, subversion, git

Education and Experience

  • Required: M.S. or Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Pharmacometrics, Pharmacokinetics, Bioinformatics, Chemical or Biomedical Engineering, or related quantitative field
  • Desirable: Direct experience with quantitative analytics in biomedical applications
  • Desirable: Familiarity with drug, biologic, device, or diagnostic research and development process
  • Desirable: Experience applying M&S techniques across a range of therapeutic areas

Metrum Research Group is an equal opportunity employer.